Get to know Grand Rapids (and the world)

Weekly Roundup of Pat’s writing

The beginning of a Long Road (GRBJ) — A couple of guys, Kyle & Jon, opened up a distillery on the westside of Grand Rapids. It took them a while, but as Jon says, “Our whole intent was to open when we were ready and to do it the right way.” I stopped in for a Polish Falcon, their version of a Moscow Mule, and it was fantastic.

Magnum Coffee expands its production facility (GRBJ) — Out on an interview at Vander Mill, I drove by a big building with interesting window decals. Stopped in an it was a coffee roaster. They contract roast and private label coffee for more than 4,000 clients across the globe.

Creativity is name of the game (GRBJ) — With trademark disputes hitting breweries across the country, West Michigan isn’t immune. I caught up with a few involved in conflicts, the Brewers Association and two lawyers. One lawyer, also an owner Pigeon Hill Brewing Co., said the trademark disputes “may spell the end of the industry as we know it.”

Battling bills seek to reduce tax burden on brewers (GRBJ) — Two beer trade groups support different tax bills.

I also helped write the Business Journal’s editorial for the week on the subject.


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