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New book venture

On Thursday, I had lunch with a new friend, Paul McNamara, and a new partnership was launched.

Although I’m already in the midst of writing a book with former Michigan State and NFL running back TJ Duckett, I’ve decided to take on this new project with Paul because. He will do the majority of the writing and I will edit. There’s also a chance we’ll chronicle the adventure as it’s created on this site.

The project will detail Paul’s dramatic weight loss story, more than 130 pounds, resulting from his stomach surgery.

I met Paul through my job at the Mitten Brewing Co. He does the money stuff for the brewery. He’s also the CFO at Trivalent Group.

It attracted me because of the passion Paul immediately had when the project was first brought up, and the few stories he threw at me in the first few times of meeting him were amazing.

A time line of events, including a heart attack and the death of his parents, likely should have led to encourage him to lose weight. Being called heinous names in school didn’t do it.

But almost 30 years after his first meeting with a dietician, he had 85 percent of his stomach removed.

He’s not sure what took him so long to take the plunge to lose a dramatic amount of weight, and that’s what we hope to find out.


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