Get to know Grand Rapids (and the world)

Connecting the dots

Already in the first week, I’ve learned one thing I’ll be able to do easily is connect the dots. It’s a useful thing to do in historical studies and even more so when talking to people and putting together the way people live their lives.

The first day I interviewed Ben Darcie and talked about following your passion, while the next day I talked to Jared Yak about his passion of history.

Quite amazing.

Today, I went to a class about the history of logging in Michigan, where the professor talked about the manufacturing of wings in Grand Rapids. Those such wings are in the collection of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, a fact I learned from Yak.

Also, talking to a friend the other day, I first heard that people in the Upper Peninsula we so fondly call Yoopers, call us folk under the bridge, Trolls. I heard that yet again today in my life-long learning class.

Yak’s main job at the museum is weeding out the junk that past historians have weaved into the history of the world. Today, Professor Bajema told us to be careful when you read history, there’s so much erroneous information.

I’m excited for what I can find out in this year, so far it’s started out with a bang.


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